Mystery Travel
How it Works

Once you contact us with interest in a mystery vacation, we will send you a questionnaire.  This will give us the information that we need to plan and book your surprise trip for you.  Each trip is specifically planned for the client based on their desires and likes and dislikes.  We will send you an envelope which you will open when you arrive at the airport, and then you will learn of your destination, and what else is in store for you!

We won't send you off completely blind.  The questionnaire will give us ideas about where you might like to travel.  In the week preceding your vacation, we will send you e-mails with weather forecasts for your destination, and items that you will want to be sure to pack for your trip.

We can plan every last detail, such as making reservations for activities at your destination, or dinner reservations, or we can simply offer our suggestions to you in your envelope, and you can make your own plans as you go.  Don't feel like dinner tonight, lets head out to watch the sunset on the beach...

We save you the hours of google searches to find the perfect destination, book air, find the right resort, and so on.  The questionnaire doesn't take long, and you can be as detailed or as vague as you like, depending on your level of comfort in giving up control.

For the right type of customer, this gives you a worry-free vacation, free of the hassles of making your own plans, and builds excitement and anticipation as you wait to open your itinerary, like in your childhood waiting for a birthday or Christmas.

We can specialize a trip for anyone, on a budget?  We can do a trip within driving distance of your home, saving you money.  Need a short weekend away?  We can handle that.  Have 2 weeks of vacation? No problem.  Special Occasion?  We can cater to your needs and desires.